Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dinsinfecting Cleaning Wipes!

My love affair with vinegar continues! There is seriously nothing that it can't do! From making cheap window cleaner, to cleaning blueberries stains in carpets! So I figured that if it works for those then why not make a wipe out of it.

Wikipedia says "White vinegar is often used as a household cleaning agent. Because it is acidic, it can dissolve mineral deposits from glass, coffee makers, and other smooth surfaces. For most uses dilution with water is recommended for safety and to avoid damaging the surfaces being cleaned.

Recently, vinegar has been marketed as a green solution for many household cleaning problems. For example, vinegar has been cited recently as an eco-friendly urine cleaner for pets and as a weed killer."

So between my love of vinegar and essential oils I made these awesome cleaning wipes! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

You will need an empty baby wipe container (or anything that will hold wet napkins and keep them wet!) Lemon, Lavender, and Clove essential oils, (not only do the essential oils act as great cleaning powers they also mask the smell of the vinegar. With this combo there is absolutely no vinegar scent!) and napkins (they can't be cheap ones! I like Bounty because they hold up well to water and you can scrub with them)
If you're using a pop-up container like me then you want to fold them so that they will pop-up. Start by folding one in half, put one unfolded napkin in the fold, fold it over.
take the next napkin and lay it across the fold of the other one so it looks like this
fold that over....
place another napkin on top
fold the previous one over....
continue till the napkins are about twice as high as your container
Fill a cup with 1 cup water
add 20 drops of lemon essential oil, 15 drops lavender and 7 clove, add 1 cup of vinegar and mix as well as it will mix (just like any oil the essential oils will not dissolve into the water, they will however hold into the napkins) These oils are great for clenaing and the scent combo is amazing! I use lemon because it's a great degreaser, lavender is antiseptic and anti-fungal, and clove, well cloves are great at controlling insects, in fact, since I started cleaning with cloves I haven's seen a single ant or earwig in my house (last year we had an infestation of both!)
Pour the mixture over the napkins, make sure that the bottom ones are wet as well.
And my favorite part of all? Convenient pop-up wipes that leave a streak free, clean shine on anything! Hope you enjoy cleaning with these as much as I do!

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  1. If I can hobble to the store today, I'm picking up more vinegar, we've been out for a while and it is such a wonderful cleaner, I don't want to run out, ever! Then, I'm making some of these wipes.