Sunday, January 17, 2010

Best Carpet Cleaner Ever!

I am obsessed with clean carpets. I love wearing white socks but hate when they get dirty on the bottoms, so I clean my carpets a lot! (at least once a month!) Over the years I've used just about every cleaning solution out there. I've even bought expensive ones from those nationally known cleaners.

The one thing that worked better than any of the solutions out there was vinegar! That's right, pure vinegar! (It even took smashed blueberries out of my carpets this morning!) I just added it to my solution dispenser on my shampooer and added a few drops of lavender, clove and orange essential oils to boost the cleaning power and mask the vinegar stench, and after half the passes that I normally make with any solutions my carpets looked as if the pro's had just left!

Don't believe me? Go and try it for yourself!

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